10 Genius Ways To Use The Scraps Of Bubble Wrap You Have Leftover From The Mail


Everyone has thrown away bubble wrap at some point in their life. Most likely, it was after going to town popping all those little plastic pockets of air between their fingertips or underneath their feet.

In my opinion, that is a completely valid use for leftover bubblewrap, pure tactile satisfaction.

But, have you ever wondered if there are other ways to reuse or repurpose all of that bubble wrap that you have leftover from sending or receiving something in the mail? Maybe in a way where it won’t have to end up in the trash?

It’s always so awesome to give something a new life with your creativity and imagination.

These 10 ways to repurpose old sheets or scraps of bubblewrap are all so creative. I never would have thought of half of them! Next time, I might have to think twice before I immediately get to popping the bubbles so that I’ll be able to use the bubble wrap for one of the following crafts!

Thumbnail source: Flickr / Christian Reese

1. Bubble Wrap Calendar


If you have an ounce of self control and would be able to keep yourself from popping each and every one of these bubbles in the first day, you could make this fun calendar to hang on your wall.

2. Bubble Wrap Window Insulation


This storm window insert will help you insulate your home at a very, very low cost. When you’re trying to cut the corners on the heating bill, that leftover bubblewrap can do a world of good!

3. Bubble Wrap Stamp


Use your bubble wrap to get creative with your artwork! Use it as a stamp of sorts for a fun, dotted pattern. Pop a cool design into the bubble wrap, give it a layer of paint, and stamp away.

4. Bubble Wrap Gelatin Candies


If you have a bit of patience, you can insert somegelatin into bubble wrap for a fun, round, bite-sized mold!

5. Bubble Wrap Coasters


This crafter made these bubble wrap coasters out of clear resin, using bubble wrap as a mold. This un-pop-able bubble wrap might make your guests crazy when they set their drinks down on them, so you might have to provide soem real, pop-able bubble wrap on the side!

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6. Bubble Wrap Handle Cushion


If you’re sweeping or raking a lot, wrap the handle in bubble wrap and secure it with tape. This will help keep your hands from getting blisters, and it will also help you keep a good grip, if that’s something that you have trouble with.

7. Bubble Wrap Purse Stuffing


If you want your nice handbags to look fuller, and keep their shape while you’re out with just a few small things, fill it with some bubble wrap. This is also great for storing them so that they can keep their shape.

8. Bubble Wrap Floating Flowers


Cut little rounds of in tact bubble wrap to stick on the stems of flowers and set them afloat for weddings, parties, or just for yourself. They’re so beautiful and tranquil!

9. Bubble Wrap Gift Wrap


Attach a scrap of bubble wrap to a rolling pin, slather it with some paint, and roll the pattern onto some colorful paper. You can get as creative as you’d like with tie-dyes color combinations and multiple passes with the bubble wrap. It will be totally yours!

10. Bubble Wrap Dress


This dress might not be at all practical or ideal for everyday wear, but it sure would be cool for a costume party or special event! We’ve all got to get a little wacky every not and then, right?

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