12 Incredible Ways To Reuse All The Old CDs Youve Got Collecting Dust


I don’t know about you, but I’ve got tons upon tons of old CDs sittingaround the house. I know I’m probably never ever going to need them again, not with modern music streaming technology and even the resurgence of record players.

I also don’t want to throw them away, though they have a certain degreeof sentimental value. Plus, the thought of them sitting in a landfill for years and yearsseems unnecessary. If I can reuse something in an entirely new way, I’m definitely going to take that route!

These 12 ways to reuse old CDs are all so genius. Plus, you can use them as a jumping-off point for your own next big masterpiece of a project.

Do you think that you’ll be using your stacks of old CDs for any of these projects? There are so many that I never would have thought to do on my own, but the iridescent shine on the disks makes for a perfect DIY material!

1. CD Earring Holder


If your earrings are scattered all over your dresser or floating about your jewelry box, grab an old CD to make this cute earring holder.

2. CD Table Mosaic


Break apart your old CDs to create these mosaic pieces andput a brand new tabletop on an old piece of furniture.

3. CD Bookend


You can bend a CD if you heat it with a flame and get this awesome bookend for either your CDs or your books.

4. CD Fish


This is a great craft to do with the kids or the grandkids on a rainy day.

5. CD Lamp


The reflective qualities of the CDs used to make this LED lamp make it sparkle all the more. And smartly, the special LED lights won’t melt the plastic.

6. CD Roof


I don’t know if I’d trust CDs to roof my home, but I’d definitely use it on the top of a dog house or a fun DIY playhouse for the kids!

7. CD Clock


This clock made of sections of old CDs is something that any music lover would like to make for their own wall.

8. Giant CD Clock


You can also gather a bunch of CDs to make a big clock like this. You could evendo a circle formation, or really any shape you’d like!

9. CD Solar Curtain


This solar curtain keeps warmth in your home in the wintertime, and keeps the heat out in the summertime. It workslike those shiny windshield covers you see in parked cars. And you probably have all of the necessary materials in your home already!

10. CD Candle Holders


This is another fun craft to do with younger (or older!) kids. Get creative with your designs and materials for these CD candle holders.

11. CD Secret Safe


There’s always something you need to hide from either strangers or from a curious kiddo. This safe hidden in a pile of CDs will do the trick perfectly.

12. CD Cube Lamp


I’d put this lamp on my desk, for sure. Would you?

Will you try any of these DIY ideas? Let us know your favorite in the comments and

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