12 Simple Laundry Hacks You Need To Know Before Putting In Your Next Load


Ever since my mom started making me and my brother do our own laundry as kids, I’ve searched for the easiest ways to get it done with the least amount of effort. Luckily, there are plenty of folks out there who have shared their genius and simplelaundry hacks.

Trust me, if there’s a mistake to be made in the laundry room, I have made it. I can’t tell you how many sweaters I’ve shrunk, clothes I’ve accidentally dyed, and other common mishaps that always seem to creep up when you’re in a rush to get the job done. That’s why I’m soparticular about finding simple laundry hacks that not only work, but aren’t overly complicated in any way.

In fact, I would say each of the tips listed below are so easy, my toddler nephew could get the hang of them! I know I wish I had learned these myself a long time ago.

Take a look and let us know if we missed any amazing and simple laundry hacks you use.

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1. Throw A Wad Of Aluminum Foil In The Dryer


Sara at Budget Friendly Diva explains how this can act as a dryer sheet,lasting for six months before you need to switch to a new aluminum ball.

2. Use Vinegar To Soften Tough Fabrics


According to the cleaning and organizing expert Ask Anna, the vinegar from your pantry not only helps soften even the stingiest of fabrics, it can also get rid of lingering odors while actingas an antibacterial.

3. Use Chalk To Get Out Grease Stains


Apartment Therapy swears that rubbing a little chalk into the stain before tossing an item in the wash will soak up every pesky grease issue, from lipstick to bacon!

4. Throw Ice Cubes In The Dryer To Get Rid Of Wrinkles


The folks at Lifehacker tested this one out and can confirm a wrinkle-free result so long as you don’t use too many ice cubes, run the dryer on the hottest setting, and don’t overcrowd it with too many items at once.

5. Add Salt To Keep Colors From Running


The Lifehacker crew also recommend this trick. Apparently,the chloride found in salt helps protect vibrant colors and keeps them from fading too fast in the wash.

6. Remove Ink Stains With Hairspray


Jillee at One Good Thing explains how the alcohol found in both hairspray and hand sanitizer can act as a powerful solvent. After saturating the stain with either product, allow it to sit for at least 10 minutes and thenthrow it into the wash as usual.

7. Write Directions On The Machines With Dry-Erase Markers


Whether you’re like me and are constantly forgetting when an item you ran through the washer shouldn’t go in the dryer (or if have kids whocan never remember the simple steps required to do the chore themselves), Parent Hacks explains how dry-erase markers are the perfect way to make everything clear.

8. Un-Shrink Clothes With Conditioner


Lindsay from Down by the Bay thought she would have to say goodbye to one of her favorite dresses when it shrank in the dryer. However, after soaking it in lukewarm water and ordinary hair conditioner, she was able to stretch it back out to its original form!

Jillee at One Good Thing also had the same successful results using baby shampoo to soften the fibers.

9. Boil Lemons To Brighten Dull Whites


Lifestyle queen Martha Stewart shared this tip for reviving dingy white clothes: toss sliced lemons into a pot full of water and bring to a boil, then turn off the heat and add your clothing items. Let them soak for an hour and then wash as usual.

For an extra boost, let them dry out in the sunlight rather than throwing them in the dryer.

10. Add A Tennis Ball While Drying Blankets And Pillows


This is another trick that gets the Lifehacker crew’s seal of approval. Adding two or threetennis balls into the dryer with comforters, pillows, and other bedding will not only help them remain nice and fluffy, it can even help them dry faster.

Of course, make sure they’recleantennis balls.

11. Pour Coffee Or Tea In With Black Clothes


Obviously, you shouldn’t do this with a load of anything other than strictly black items, but as wikiHow explains, adding two cups of one of the brewed drinks adds a natural dye that helps to strengthen or revive the items’ original color.

12. Use Baking Soda And Vinegar To Clean The Washer


Most importantly, you can’t forget that all of the grime that you’re rinsing off can leave some lingering ickiness in your machine.Apartment Therapy recommends running an empty load with baking soda and vinegar to refresh your washer.

If you’re feeling like going above and beyond, grab an old toothbrush or some cotton ear swabsto really get into the crevices and give them a good wipe down, too.

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