Learn How To Make a Delicious Tart With A Beautiful Lion Design On Top

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Dessert: the best meal of the day. There are so many different waysto go about it. In the winter, you can cozy up in blankets with some hot cocoa by the fire, or enjoy a warm brownie straight from the oven. In the fall? Apple pies galore.

In the summertime, you could always use those extra daylight hours to head out to your favorite ice cream place and grab a cone to enjoy on a picnic table with your friends and family. Because it’s so hot, you might tend to prefer desserts that aren’t as heavy as, say, a big chocolate cake.

Another great summer dessert alternative is a fruit tart. You can use all of the fresh fruits of the season, whatever they may be in your area at the time. The rest of the recipe is so simple as well. Anyone could make this delicious fruity-sweet dessert!

Tarts are already beautiful as they are, with all the bright, natural colors of the fruit lined up so neatly atop the cream. But what if you like something with a little bit more flare? What if your used to bringing your desserts to life?

Liz and Leah Larson have the perfect remedy for this dilemma. with just a melon, they add that extra something to this dessert that will wow any guest in your home!


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