Moms Everywhere Cant Find Glue, Then They Realize Their Kids Are All Making Slime

Sometimes, going to the grocery store can be a pain. But, going to the grocery store when you have a list of things you need, and the store is out of one of those things you need that is the absolute worst.

So, if you’re a momor know a mom, then you might know about the new glue shortage problem that’s been occurring. Not literally of course, but it seems that everyone is out looking for the same thing Elmer’s glue.

The shelves are empty at almost every store, and now people everywhere are posting online about their glue issues, and it seems they’re all looking for it for the same reason.

But, it’s not for the reason you’d think. Sure people all love to use Elmer’s for some arts and crafts, but right now the newest fad is to create an at home concoctionwith all of the sticky goodness.

The concoction is slime, and all you need is a little bit of glue (or a lot), borax and some food coloring.

But, with everyone finding out about this simple and fun creation, it’s becoming harder and harder to find the main ingredient.

When moms, or anyone really, goes to the store expecting to see the shelves stocked with Elmer’s, they find quite the opposite.

Elmer’s glue is so great for any project, but now that it’s become a staple in the slime craft, everyoneseems to be out of luck with getting glue for any other reason, too.

And Valerie isn’t the only mom! Moms and kids everywhere are taking to social media to complain about it all.

Clearly, they aren’t at a detrimental loss, but it’s becoming increasingly clear that everyone’s making slime!

How are these kids going to finish their science fair projects?

Maybe they should just include the slime they’re already making in their science fair entries, that could work, right?

There’s one thing that’s for sure everyone loves it, moms included. Moms can use slime for DIY makeup hacks, so everyone gets to enjoy this new craze.

But, it does seem that Elmer’s is going to have to step it’s game up because everyone is buying, and pretty soon, there will be none left! As if that hasn’t happened already for some!

So, as a warning to kids, and moms everywhere if you need glue, you better get it fast!

Some moms are going to over 5 stores before they find the one bottle they need, but most are grabbing as many as they can to make the cool slime and watch their fingers go to play!

What do you think about these slimycreations, I think they look pretty intriguing.

Maybe I’ll go check my local craft store…

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