Woman Leaves For Work, Then Comes Home To Find 7,000 Post-It Notes Covering Her Room

Jason and Jennifer Brinley have been married for years, but they definitely haven’t lost their romantic spark.

This year for Valentine’s Day, Jason decided he wanted to do something really special for his wife, like this man did, so he started planning months in advance.

Jennifer and Jason, who live in Florence, Alabama, have a wonderful relationship something that Jason wanted to highlight for Jennifer as a loving reminder this year.

Jennifer knew that Jason was planning something, but she had no idea what exactly he was doing.

She left for work on Valentine’s Day suspecting Jason had something up his sleeve, but nothing could have prepared her for what she found when she came home.

When she opened the door to their bedroom, it was entirely pink. Jason had covered every inch of wall space with sticky notes each with a handwritten note.

Jennifer was completely blown away, and she posted a picture of the room to Reddit, a social forum, where it immediately went viral.

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Although they’ve been married for years, Jason knew he wanted to do something really nice for his wife, Jennifer, on Valentine’s Day this year.

Months before Valentine’s Day, he began writing sweet love notes, quotes, and memories on pink sticky notes.


When Jennifer left for work on Valentine’s Day, Jason got to work putting up the sticky notes around the room.

Not only did he completely cover the walls, he also put them in a sweet pattern.


The pattern, which was in an 8-bit style (like vintage video games), said various things, like “love facts,” “romantic quotes and lyrics,” and “language of love.”

When Jennifer got home from work and saw what Jason had done, she was completely blown away.


Jennifer told The Huffington Post, “I absolutely couldnt believe it! It was crazy. I knew he was doing something that was taking a lot of prep work, but I had no idea it was that. The best thing I could think of was that he was making me a board game. This goes so much further than that!”


The notes were all very special, and Jennifer plans on reading all 7,000 of them.

Each note had inside jokes, cute reasons why Jason loves Jennifer, and sweet memories the two of them share.

One note said, “I love that you put animals before people.”

Another said, “I love that you sing when you cook and no one else is around.”


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