93-Year-Old Woman Heads Back To College And Gets 4.0 GPA

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At 93 years old, Amy Craton isn’t necessarily your quintessential college student.

Many years ago, Craton wasin college pursuing her degree. However, in time life intervened halting her studies.

After weathering a divorce and becoming a single parent responsible for supporting four children, Craton let her studies go and ventured straight into the workforce. And her unfinished college degree? Itsatdormant for years, seton a seemingly indefinite hold.

However, in September of 2014, thanks to the powers of the internet, this Honolulu, Hawaii, resident finally beganfinishing her long-since-hiatused college degree, online.

She’s in a wheelchair, hard of hearing, and pursuing a bachelor’s degree in English and creative writing.

What’s more, this straight-A student currently has a 4.0 GPA.

Craton’s journey is a wonderful lesson in perseverance. While life will undoubtedly shift our paths in directionswe’d never in a million years imagine venturing, there willalways be a way to fulfill the dreams that matter to us most.

Keep scrolling to learn all about how this diligent student is pursuing her lifelong passion for learning.

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Earlier in life, Amy Craton headed off to college, excited to learn and grow.

However, midway through her studies, a little thing called life reared its pesky head.

Craton soon found herself divorced with four children to support, no longer able to devote any time to her studies.

So, this single mom left school and headed straight into the workforce. She worked as an administrative assistant in a chemical plant for years, dreaming of one day returning to school and finishing her degree.

Now, at 93 years old, she’s finally fulfilling that fantasy.


In September of 2014, Craton re-enrolled in collegeto finally complete her unfinished degree.

Sitting here one day in front of the computer, I thought, boy, I’m just wasting my time here,” theHonolulu-based Craton told NBC News.“I think I’ll go back to college and finish my degree.”

Craton is an online student at Southern New Hampshire University, studying English and creative writing.


She chose to continue her studies virtually through Southern New Hampshire University, as its name and culture warmed her withfond memories of summering in the New England state as a young girl.


While she’s in a wheelchair and hard of hearing, this computer-savvy and diligent student has found herself adopting a few quintessential college-student behaviors.

At nighttime, it’s a good time for me to do my studying and my writing,”Craton told NBC News. “It will be sometimes five o’clock in the morning before I go to bed.

It’s never dull. I’ve always got something to do. And I’m always learning something.”

This is kind of something amazing for me to witness,”Chrisandra Bauer, Craton’s academic advisor, told NBC News. “She’s just that kind of student that takes initiative and figures things out on her own.”


Her perseverance is certainly paying off. Craton is currently rocking a 4.0 GPA one she hopes to maintain through October,come graduation.

While she likely won’t be able to physically attend graduation, the arrival ofher diploma will be a special moment.

She isn’t able to travel [to commencement] so she’ll actually be getting her diploma in the mail,” Bauer said. “That’s something I’m working on, with making sure we’ll be able to send a nice package, have it framed. Just to make it a little bit more special.”

And what will Craton do with her degree come fall? She plans on diving headfirst into her poetry writing.

This studious senior is inspiring folks around the world by finally achievingher lifelong goal to finishher college degree!

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