Absolute Unit Deemed Too Big for Abattoir Will Live Out Its Days Grazing

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Photograph by 7 News Sydney

Photos of a giant steer have begun to circulate online as Internet citizens around the world feast their eyes on ‘Knickers’. The bovine behemoth stands 1.94 meters (6’4″) tall and weighs an astonishing 1,400 kg (3,086 lbs).

According to owner Geoff Pearson, Knickers’ enormous size has spared him a one-way ticket to the abattoir and will instead live out his days on the farm. The Holstein Friesian now serves as the farm’s ‘coach’, taking charge of the herd and showing others the ropes of life on the farm. Pearson adds:

“You’ll put him in a paddock and all the other cattle seem to get attracted to him. Whenever he wants to get up and start walking, there’s a trail of hundreds of cattle following him.”

Photograph by 7 News Sydney

Photograph by 7 News Sydney

Photograph by 7 News Sydney


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