Beyonce’s Ex-Drummer Speaks Out On Her Claims That The Superstar Practices Witchcraft! – Perez Hilton

Beyonce’s former drummer of seven years is going into more detail over her claims that the superstar singer cursed her cat

A week after filing a restraining order against Queen Bey, Kimberly Thompson spoke to The Daily Mail about her allegations that the Lemonade singer ruined her life using “dark magic.”

The drummer explained she got a 3-month-old kitten that was abused last year and it eventually started “doing weird magical stuff.”

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When she sought the sight of not one, but two psychics, they both confirmed that the feline was indeed cursed, telling her:

“They were like the cat has a spell on it. I said what about [Beyonce] and they were like yes, [Beyonce] put a spell on the cat and you need to get rid of it right away, otherwise you’ll be in really, really, huge trouble.”

Why would Bey go through all this trouble to curse the cat of her drummer? Thompson said it’s a well known secret that the icon is jealous of her. Hm. 

Do YOU think Witch-yonce is real? Watch the clips of her accuser’s interview (below) and sound off in the comments.

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