Children In Homeless Shelters Are Empowered Thanks To Handmade Capes For Kids

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Children are empowered through many different means. Some are inspired by the adults around them, and others love being responsible for jobs and projects.

But inspiring and empowering a child can sometimes be astoundingly simple, especially if they don’t have many resources to begin with.

Sometimes all it takes is the simple yet profound symbol of strength, power, andperseverance: a cape!

If children are given capes like the ones that their favorite superheroes wear, it can make them feel powerful by association and able to overcome any struggle or strife.

For some, this can mean battling an illness, for others, it can mean speaking up against bullies like this one 12-year-old did.For others, it can mean battling poverty and homelessness.

This is the idea behind Terry Grahl’s “Capes for Kids,” part of Enchanted Makeovers.

Through her programing, kids as well as adults can learn amazinglife skills, use their creativity, and make capes to help them feelpowerful and strong.

Check below to learn more about Capes forKids and Grahl’sinspiring initiative.

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Through one amazing initiative,children at the Detroit Rescue Mission are receiving their very own superhero capes made for them by many kind strangers.

The capes are given to the kids to empower them and make them feel like they can conquer anything it also helps inspire the cape makers!

The cool capes are made and delivered through Capes for Kids, one of many programs under the nonprofit Enchanted Makeovers.

Created byTerry Grahl, the nonprofit helps inspire, teach, and empower impoverished individuals through sewing.

Grahl’s connection to sewing as a therapeuticmeans started during her childhood, where her mother attempted to stabilize their difficult home life with her skills as a seamstress.

Today, she incorporates that same idea into Enchanted Makeovers.

Capes are not the only fun products of the various sewing initiatives.

Participants in the program have made toys, aprons, bibs, and many other fun creations.

Along with the local programing, Enchanted Makeovers also encourages outside participants to make and send in capes made from a special template from the publication FamilyFun.

Though they have received many capes through Capes for Kids,Grahl is hoping to triple the thousands that have been made so that no struggling child is without one.

She also hopes to expand on her noble brand further to include other projects and programming until the “Enchanted” umbrella.

Through the simple and fun act of sewing, thousands of children have been able to don their cool capes and feel more proud and powerful.

Nonprofits likeGrahl’s exemplify that even the smallest acts of kindness can make the largest impact on a child’s life.

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