George Clooney: Trump is a ‘Hollywood elitist’, Bannon is a ‘failed director’

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Clooney criticized the president, who still collects a substantial sum from prior film and TV roles, as part of the elite he regularly rails against

According to George Clooney, Donald Trump is part of the Hollywood elite he has regularly criticized on the campaign trail and after taking office, calling him a Hollywood elitist because of the money he receives because of his previous film and television roles.

In an interview with Canal+, the actor claimed that Trump benefits from his membership of the Screen Actors Guild pension scheme and makes a substantial sum each year from it. He collects $120,000 a year in his Screen Actors Guild pension fund. He is a Hollywood elitist, he said.

According to a disclosure the president released in 2015 he received $110,228 from the union, but its not clear whether this amount was an annual fee or a combined total.

Trump has made multiple appearances on the small and big screen from his film cameos in Home Alone 2, to turns in The Fresh Prince of Bel Air and his most well known role as himself on the Apprentice. His work on the Apprentice and the Celebrity Apprentice reportedly earned Trump $213.6m over 11 years, and along with his other work made him eligible for a pension from SAG.

In the interview Clooney also said Trumps chief strategist Steve Bannon was a member of the elite he and Trump have been so vocal in criticizing.

Steve Bannon is a failed film writer and director, Clooney said to the French channel. Thats the truth, thats what hes done. He wrote a Shakespearean rap musical about the LA riots that he couldnt get made. He made a lot of money off of Seinfeld. Hes elitist Hollywood, I mean, thats the reality.

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