Lindsay Lohan Is Straight Up ‘Terrified’ Of Returning To Los Angeles! Find Out Why!

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El Lay can be a scary place — just ask Lindsay Lohan!

The Mean Girls star has been living a spiritually centered life in Dubai for well over a year now, and she doesn’t plan on returning to the City of Angels anytime soon.

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In fact, she told the hosts of the Kyle and Jackie O radio show that the mere thought of going back to her old stomping grounds “scares the shit” out of her!

Speaking to hosts Kyle Sandilands and Jackie ‘O’ Henderson on Wednesday’s show, the 31-year-old confessed:

“I’m terrified of going to LA. Just landing at the airport scares the shit out of me.”

With good reason, too! Like us, LiLo remembers the hazy days in her 20’s when she often found herself in tabloids every other week for drinking or drugs.

Or maybe she doesn’t?

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Nowadays, the actress is living a much more grounded life in the Middle East — but she still hasn’t fully escaped her troubled past.

She added:

“When I do something good, [the press] just bring [my past] up. I’m nearly 32 years old. This is so long ago.”

Well, it’s never easy to forget when a beloved child star comes of age to find herself in a string of arrests for DUIs and other drug-related offenses.

If Lindsay truly wants to escape her tragic past, we recommend she faces her fears and comes back to Hollyweird and acts the shit out of something. Everyone loves a comeback — right, biggest movie star in the world Robert Downey Jr.?

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