Michelle Malkin Endorses Racist CPAC Rival

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This week:

  • CPAC gets a racist rival, with help from Michelle Malkin
  • Fox News leak questions Sean Hannitys guest list
  • Check out this book!
  • Seth Rich conspiracy theorists get a big boost

CPAC, but for white nationalists: Later this month, conservative operatives from all over the country will head to a hotel outside Washington for the Conservative Political Action Conference, the annual mega-confab for all things Trump.

But this time, CPAC will face a racist rival conference at an undisclosed location nearby: the America First Political Action Conference, featuring two speakers who marched in the white supremacist Charlottesville rally in 2017.

Ordinarily, a gathering this fringe wouldnt mean much for the rightexcept for the fact that Michelle Malkin, one of the most prominent conservative columnists in the country, is also speaking. Malkins headlining role raises questions about how far racist ideas are infiltrating the mainstream right.

The backstory here is that a particularly online section of the right has been riven for the past few months between groypersthe white nationalist activists and their fellow travelersand more establishment conservative elements like Charlie Kirks Turning Point USA and the organizers of CPAC.

Organized around white nationalist Nick Fuentes, the groyperswho take their name from an obese toad version of Pepe the Frogstarted showing up at Turning Point events and shouting down speakers like Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX). They claimed that Crenshaw and his allies arent conservative enough, and many of their questions were aimed at questioning the United States support for Israel, in an attempt to red-pill campus conservatives toward more extreme views.

Malkin has gone all-in on the groypers, apparently because of her hardline stance on immigration. She joined the encrypted messaging app Telegramtheir preferred social media platformand even lost her speakers bureau contract over it.

Now Malkin, who had a headlining speech at CPAC just last year, is positioning the racist AFPAC variation as the real conservative conference. Shell appear at the event alongside Fuentes, a Holocaust denier, and Patrick Casey, the leader of a white nationalist group that rebranded after its internal chat logs leaked. Malkins appearance at AFPAC raises the embarrassing possibility that plenty of CPAC attendees will head over to AFPAC on Friday night, linking the conservative movements leading conference with white nationalists.

Malkin has promoted AFPAC on Twitter and declared that, unlike CPAC, it would have no swamp lobbyists lurking backstage.

Malkin didnt respond to a request for comment. But her appearance at the white nationalist event suggests that the far-right, racist groyper ethos is getting more entrenched with conservatives.

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Fox critiques its own Ukraine coverage: Even some of Fox News own researchers do not believe the claims made by a number of Sean Hannitys most frequent guests, according to an internal Fox document I reported on last week.

In a report from Foxs in-house research unit, a researcher blasted guests like John Solomon and Rudy Giuliani, accusing them of pushing a Ukrainian disinformation campaign.

Right Richter Reading Corner: If you like Right Richter and its coverage of marginal, bizarre Trumpland characters, youre going to love the new book Sinking in the Swamp.

Its the latest from my colleagues Asawin Suebsaeng and Lachlan Markay, its coming out on Tuesday, and its filled with bizarre stories about what the Trump era means for our country. Check it out!

Seth Rich conspiracy theories flare anew: Its been a lean couple of years for Seth Rich conspiracy theorists. The people fixated on the 2016 murder of the Democratic National Committee stafferhad their high point in 2017, when Hannity and a Fox reporter pushed the baseless idea that Hillary Clinton had Rich killed for leaking hacked Democratic emails to WikiLeaks.

Hannity started losing advertisers, Richs family sued Fox, and the channel ditched the story. Since then, the most prominent Rich conspiracy theorist has been vlogger Matt Coucha guy with a sizable fringe following but not exactly a household name on the right.

That all might be about to change now, though, after redacted emails obtained from the Department of Justice with the subject line Seth Rich were released earlier this month.

While the emails are all brief and are just about people dismissing the idea that Rich was involved in the WikiLeaks email hack, theyve been seized on by Rich conspiracy theorists. And theyve made their way over to OAN, the cable network that Trump increasingly praises in an attempt to push Fox rightward.

Last week, OAN ran an entire segment about the emails, with the headline proclaiming: Attorney: FBI Had Been Lying About The Murder Of Seth Rich. The blast of cable news attention has reinvigorated Seth Rich conspiracy theorists, suggesting that the saga the Rich family has long asked speculators to end wont be stopping anytime soon.

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