Moms Hilarious Fail Goes Viral After Her 9-Year-Old Ate From Advent Calendar For Cats For 11 Days

If somebody asked us to name the one thing that really gets children’s spirits up during December, we’d have to say it’s the advent calendar. There’s nothing like opening those little paper doors to find sweet chocolate, leaving you waiting eagerly for the next day to get more of that delicious candy. Recently, the market of these calendars has expanded and it turns out that now you can even get an advent calendar for your cat! What a magnificent way to count down the days until the most magical day of the year!

Recently, mother-of-three Jessica Evans shared a post on Facebook that quickly went viral

Image credits: Jessica Evans

Jessica says she first felt like the worst mother ever for making this hilarious mistake

Image credits: Jessica Evans

But her fail is absolutely understandable since the calendar was placed alongside various children’s advent calendars that had nothing to do with catnip.

Image credits: Jessica Evans

Shopping with three children is not easy so it only makes sense that Jessica didn’t have enough time to scan through all of the calendars carefully.

When Jessica took a closer look at her daughter’s candy it became obvious that something was wrong with them

Image credits: Kennedy News

Despite them being made for cats, Jessica’s fiancé tried them and said they tasted really sweet.

Now the calendar will be given to Jessica’s friend who has a cat

Image credits: Kennedy News

And Alissa got a new calendar!

“I’ll definitely be getting Sean to come with me to get one, it definitely has to be a really good one, otherwise knowing my luck I’ll end up buying one for dogs this time.”

People online couldn’t stop laughing at this hilarious mistake

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