OMG Luke Perry’s Son Looks Like An Actual God! – Perez Hilton


We knew Luke Perry‘s son was physically fit — he’s a professional wrestler after all — but wow he is looking so good!

The “Jungle Boy” posted a shirtless selfie on Instagram this week before his big match, captioning the post:

“Better than @the_mjf and he knows it.
Ready to lock horns and do this thing tonight.
@aewontnt @allelitewrestling”

“The MJF”, aka Maxwell Friedman, was his opponent in the Wednesday night All Elite Wrestling spectacle. If this was meant to be intimidating wrestler trash-talk, we have some bad news for Jack the Jungle Boy. We’re not so much afraid of you as we are afraid of our feelings for you!

We mean, just look at that sculpted torso! Whoo!

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