Savannah Guthrie DESTROYED Sarah Huckabee Sanders On ‘TODAY’ Over Mueller Report Findings – Get All Caught Up HERE – Perez Hilton

In case you missed it over the weekend — no one would blame you, considering it was a purposely-timed Sunday afternoon news dump by Donald Trump‘s hand-picked Attorney General — Robert Mueller‘s report on Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. Presidential election has been completed.

And while Mueller found no evidence to tie Trump directly and explicitly to Russian attempts to interfere at the ballot box, the report also notes (cryptically) that

The release of the report, and the contents therein, are both

A report on the report?! No thanks… good or bad, exonerated or not, just give us the whole damn thing!!! And yet that partisan letter (below) is all we have, a mere book report that scratches the surfaces and glosses over what are likely to be extremely detailed findings in the report itself:

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