Secret Donald Trump Tape Released 5 Things We Learned!

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Strap in.

Last week news hit that the first of at least a dozen tapes prosecutors have after the raid on lawyer Michael Cohen included his client Donald Trump talking about paying hush money to alleged mistress Karen McDougal.

After a few days of Trump’s new lawyer and professional bungler Rudy Giuliani started making the rounds telling people what was and wasn’t on the audio recording, Cohen apparently had enough.

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On Tuesday night he released actual audio to CNN, who promptly aired the clip.

It’s just one of many tapes, but already the convo — and the fallout from it — are telling us a lot.

Get the breakdown (below)!

1. Trump Knew EVERYTHING

The position of Team Trump has been for so long that Trump knew nothing about any of this and Cohen was acting independently.

Obviously that all sounded like utter horseshit. What lawyer just assumes a woman who says she was a client’s mistress is telling the truth and needs to be paid off — and then PAYS HER OFF WITH HIS OWN MONEY??

But in the 2016 audio recording it’s clear Cohen was giving Trump constant updates on the activities for which he’s being investigated. Meaning any legal liability he has is shared by the president.

Also worth noting? Trump doesn’t exactly seem surprised. For the Donald on the tape, setting up a shell company for a payoff relating to “our friend David” (presumably David Dennison, Trump’s legal alias in his Stormy Daniels NDA) certainly seems like business as usual.

Are there more women out there who got payoffs?

2. Trump Does NOT Want People Looking At Ivana’s Divorce Papers

An aspect of the tape not previously reported is speaking about The New York Times‘ effort to make Trump’s first divorce papers public.

Why would that be such a big deal?


Long before all the other assault claims, Ivana Trump swore under oath in a deposition that Donald had raped her. She later recanted.

Interesting Trump was so concerned with those actual papers seeing the light of day…

3. It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Campaign Finance Violation

The tape was made in September 2016. So with Trump’s talk only needing to “delay” things coming out, it doesn’t take a legal scholar to put two and two together here.

Trump is talking about keeping scandals quiet to protect his campaign in the same 30 seconds he’s talking about setting up a company to make a hush money payment.

That makes the payment an unreported campaign contribution Trump knowingly kept secret.

And even if Giuliani is right about Trump saying don’t before the “use cash” remark (there’s that would/wouldn’t excuse again) — it doesn’t prove innocence at all as it STILL involves Trump giving the order to make the payment.

4. Michael Cohen Has Flipped On Trump

We mean, it was looking inevitable. But if anything Trump pushed his former right hand man over the edge.

Having Giuliani come out and throw Cohen under the bus seems to be the tipping point leading Cohen to pretty publicly turn on the POTUS.

As his new lawyer Lanny Davis said on GMA Wednesday morning:

“Michael Cohen has turned a corner in his life and he’s now dedicated to telling the truth to everyone and we’ll see what happens.”

Davis also explicitly states Cohen is not seeking a pardon from the President.

5. Trump Is Scared

Trump doesn’t have a real defense for this. You know how you can tell?

At around 2:30 a.m. his time, the President jumped on Twitter to whine about it. This isn’t a cogent defense — it’s whinging:

Kind of reminds one of that ATTORNEY-CLIENT PRIVILEGE IS DEAD tweet.

Notice how he’s leaving the door open for conspiracy theorists to fill in the blanks? Watch Fox News change their talking points to claiming the tape is purposely cut off at that exact point.

As though Trump will say something that totally proves his innocence just one second later.

Funny with all the scandals the thing that really seems to get Trump riled up is Cohen. Almost like his lawyer knows where all the bodies are buried — and can just as easily bury Trump…

See the entire CNN segment, including the exclusive audio clip (below):

[Image via ITV/NYTF/WENN.]

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