Southwest Airlines Passenger Dies After ‘Engine Failure’ Leads To Woman Being Partially Sucked Out Of Window!

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A Southwest Airlines passenger died on Tuesday following an emergency landing in Philadelphia that was made after a piece of the plane’s engine broke off mid-flight and smashed a window.

A woman was was also partially sucked out of the cabin when the window imploded, a different passenger’s father-in-law told NBC News, adding she was partially “drawn out” of the plane before being “pulled back in by other passengers.”

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The chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board confirmed that the plane suffered an “engine failure,” which apparently caused part of the covering from its left engine to rip off and puncture a window, leading to violent depressurization of the cabin.

Passenger Marty Martinez told CBS News “there was blood everywhere” from the woman’s injury. She was later confirmed to be taken off the plane and brought to a hospital in critical condition.

Robert Sumwalt of the NTSB confirmed to press that one passenger died — no confirmation it was the woman who was partially sucked out of the window — as a result of the incident:

Seven other passengers were reportedly treated for minor injuries, but none had to be taken to the hospital.

Southwest released a statement acknowledging the emergency landing, confirming that the passengers had walked off the plane onto the tarmac after the landing around 11:20 a.m. earlier today. The flight, which was headed from New York’s LaGuardia Airport to Dallas’ Love Field, held 143 passengers and five crew members onboard.

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The Philadelphia airport confirmed that Flight 1380 “landed safely at PHL and passengers are being brought into the terminal,” adding in a tweet:

Before the plane landed, Martinez recorded a brief Facebook video while wearing an oxygen mask, fearing that he was recording his “last moments”:

So scary!

Luckily, the plane landed safely and Martinez was able to post photos of a damaged window near the engine. Ch-ch-check out the damage (below):

We’re so sorry to hear about the death of a passenger.

Our thoughts are with the victim’s loved ones.

[Image via Facebook.]

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