Weatherman Brightens Up Peoples Days By Letting His Pets Hang Out In The Background During Broadcasts

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It seems that in light of the novel coronavirus pandemic, people are noticing the little things in life more and more. Thankfully, they usually don’t keep those little rays of sunshine to themselves, but rather turn to social media and share it with the rest of the world.

Recently, someone spotted that the weatherman from Fox4 channel left a cute, tiny dog bed in the background while broadcasting live from his home and, of course, a little dog adorably snuck in to have a nap in it!

Fox 4’s weatherman Evan Andrews recently blessed his viewers by letting his dog sleep on a tiny couch in the background

While trying to adapt ourselves to working from home has been quite challenging for most of us, especially for parents or people with pets, for some pet parents it surely turned out to be an advantage. It certainly did for Fox 4 meteorologist Evan Andrews. He has recently blessed the viewers of the channel with the cutest sight of his pupper named Penny adorably napping on a tiny dog couch in the background. If that wasn’t enough, she also had a tiny bone-shaped pillow to rest her head on!

Viewers were losing their mind over this adorable sight and captured photos of the dog getting more and more comfortable throughout the broadcast

Turns out, the weatherman deliberately lets his pets hang out in the background to brighten viewers’ day

Image credits: Jeffries6306

Someone captured the scene on their TV and shared it on Reddit. The post received over 78,000 upvotes since then, as well as a tone of adorable comments of people complimenting Andrew’s taste for doggie furniture. While the majority of people commenting were captivated by the blissful sight of Penny napping, others were keen on figuring out where Andrew got the dog bed from. Some speculated that similar designs and couch styles might be available at Petco.

“Considering everything going on in the world nowadays, this is about the best news that’s on the news every day,” he said

Image credits: EvanAndrewsFox4

Even though his cute pup named Penny rose to stardom by adorably napping in the dog bed, turns out she likes the floor just as much

Image credits: EvanAndrewsFox4

Andrew revealed that he didn’t buy the couch himself: “The couch has a story, though, and it’s legitimate because I don’t think I would ever spend that much money on a couch. But my wife just had a birthday, and her aunt bought it for her birthday. We got the couch about the same day we all started working from home. As soon as I got the couch, the dogs fell in love with it. I’m like, ‘I’m putting it in the back of the shot,’ because everybody’s got their Emmy’s in the background. So I’m putting the couch.”

Andrew has four pets in total: two dogs, a cat, and a tortoise, that all appear on his segment from time to time

Image credits: EvanAndrewsFox4

Andrew also revealed that the dog couch that people spotted in the background of his broadcasts has a special story

Image credits: EvanAndrewsFox4

Turns out, Penny is not the only pet sharing the screen with her owner during broadcasts. The weatherman has two dogs in total, as well as two cats and a tortoise, and they all get the chance to sneak into the shot whenever they want to. “Considering everything going on in the world nowadays, this is about the best news that’s on the news every day. I just let [my pets] roam freely in the background,” Andrew confessed.

He confessed he doesn’t think he would ever spend that much money on a couch

Image credits: EvanAndrewsFox4

But apparently his wife got the couch as a birthday present from her aunt just before quarantine started

Image credits: tvbossy

Andrew frequently shares pictures of his pets on his Twitter account and has even said that his favorite part of broadcasting from home is getting to share the “family farm” with his viewers. Our guess, no one would have any obligations to Andrew continuing working from home even after quarantine is over if only we get regular sneak-peaks at his adorable pet crew!

And since everyone has their Emmys in the background, he thought he would just put the couch there instead

Image credits: EvanAndrewsFox4

Our guess is, most people watching Fox 4 appreciate his background much more than the Emmys

Image credits: EvanAndrewsFox4

People loved seeing his pets in the background

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