Buuu! 15 People Share The Creepiest Urban Legend From Their Hometown

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Found on AskReddit.

1. Charlie No-Face

When we lived in western Pennsylvania my uncle would always tell me about Charlie No-Face. He was in some kind of electrical accident as a kid that fried off his nose and his eyes. My uncle told my sister and I that if we were out at night, Charlie No Face would appear and try to steal our faces off. As it turns out, Charlie No Face was an actual guy named Raymond Robinson and he was in an accident that disfigured his face like that. But the ghost story part obviously wasn’t true. I’m reading other comments in this thread and it sounds like my uncle stole liberally from the Mexicans’ La Llorona.

2. Mothman

Mothman. In a 13 months period between 1965-1966, the town of Point Pleasant, WV reported seeing a winged beast with big red eyes. The last report was the beast standing on the Silver Bridge. And then the silver bridge collapsed. The beast wasn’t reported again afterwards.

3. The flying woman who eats unborn children

There is a creature in Filipino folklore that is a beautiful woman who detaches her torso from her lower body at night. Apparently her top half flies around landing on the rooftops where pregnant women are sleeping. It has a tongue that reaches down into the belly button of the pregnant woman and eats her unborn child. The only way to kill it is to find its lower half and put salt on it.

4. Clownman

Clownman. I lived right outside Pittsburgh, PA as a teenager, in a little, poor, town called Swissvale. The next communities over are Rankin and Braddock, which are steel production heyday ghost towns that have been plagued with poverty. A strip of woods, lined by a train track follow the river upon which our communities reside. Right next to the river looms the decrepit abandoned steel mill I believe once called Carrie Furnace. As teenagers do, my friends and I used to cut through the park, across the tracks, and to the river to drink, smoke pots, and hang out. Eventually, we started exploring the steel mill. I loved it. The graffiti and sculptural artists, the wildlife that randomly took over, the bums who made it home, etc., all made it a worthwhile adventure. I became comfortable there. Then my friends told me about an abduction and rape of a teenager whose naked and bloodied body ended up strung up on a set of city steps. The killer was an insane man who dressed as a clown with a horrid, bloodstained mask. He lives in the woods and in the steel mill. He walks the tracks with a butcher knife he hasn’t even bothered to clean. Don’t come here alone. I got into a fight with a boyfriend one night and stubbornly decided to walk alone from the riveracross the tracks, and through the woods. I got to the tracks, turned and looked at the steel mill. Further down the tracks I saw a figure. I couldn’t see a face, but the baggy pants were rather clown like. I ran like you wouldn’t fucking believe. I’ve never felt fear like that before. It was probably a bum. But who takes chances with an urban legend like that?

5. The savage albinos at the top of Mount Umunhum

We have a mountain range where in from called Mount Umunhum. It’s said to be ridden with savage albinos up at the top. Now large parts of this mountain are just normal black top roads with houses. But as you drive further up the houses become more scarce and the Forrest becomes thicker. Eventually you’ll see a sign for the Umunhum peak where the savage albinos supposedly live. The creepy part is that it’s a dirt road and two cars cannot go up it at one time. And you can’t really turn around. My friends and I would always go up trying for look and explore around 2AM. We never got very far before turning around through the one side opening on the road which we were always terrified of because it was really difficult to maneuver it and would have been so easy for the savage albinos to get us. Apparently they drive around in a white truck and play tricks on people to get them to pull over before the others ambush you.

6. The Jersey Devil

Along time ago in the Pine Barrens, a desolate empty place in the middle of a marsh. A pregnant mother was in the middle of giving birth to her 13th child. This was the worst birth of all her children, the unborn baby fought and tried to stay put, but the midwives were much stronger and had successfully birthed more troublesome babies in the past. The mother (Mama Leeds as she was known) couldn’t handle the pain, she screamed and cried as the weather outside went from a cool October night into a violent storm (thunder, lightning, rain and wind); it was almost as if the mother and the storm were one.

At the peak of the painful birth he mother cried out “This child is cursed!!! He has been laid by the Devils seed. I CURSE THIS CHILD!!! LET IT BE A DEVIL!!!” As she cursed the child, Mother Leeds passed out. Eventually the midwives brought her round and placed the child in her arms. He was a beautiful child, clean pink skin and chubby arms and face. But the child began crying, and as he cried his skin turned black and serpent like. Horns sprouted from his head and his body elongated. The chubby little fingers and toes melded into hooves and a tail began thrashing about.

Terror and chaos ensued, the demon child was now twice the size of a grown man and monstrous. The midwives were the first ones to be eaten before the devil went after his siblings and disappeared into the storm.

Thus begins the tale of The Jersey Devil.

7. The Pope Lick Monster

We’ve got something around here called the ‘Pope Lick Monster’. Some type of goat/man creature. Legend is that he will lure you out onto the railroad crossing and you will fall to your death. A girl died just this week.


8. The 13 curves

A friend of mine’s hometown has a length of road through some hills that winds around with 13 curves, Referred to as the 13 Curves. Legend has it that near or on Halloween a couple who recently married sometime in the late 50’s early 60’s got into a car accident navigating the road. Now on Halloween if you drive the road at midnight, the bride, bloodied and glowing, appears before your car trying to get you to crash. The story changes by region, but having driven on the road on Halloween there is definitely a creepiness to it, also the road is very dangerous to drive at night, some turns are so sharp if you don’t slow down to 10 MPH you could easily lose control.


9. Charlie, the man who could never get off the train

OK it’s not immediately scary but when you think about it, it is. Charlie; the man who had just enough money to get on the train but not enough money to get off. It’s supposedly the reason why the Boston MBTA cards are called Charlie Cards. It sounds silly, but imagine (They used to charge a nickel to get off above ground.) You would pass by your stop every day but could never go home. You would become a prisoner on a goddamn train. Wasting away to nothing. That always scared the shit out of me when I was a kid.

10. The H Man

There is a local legend about a campsite I used to go camping at here in upstate New York. Legend says that there is a man they call The H Man that lives out in the woods near the campsite. One year a group of Boy Scouts were camping out there and one of the boys went missing. They didn’t find him until they started packing up to go home, as they were cleaning up and packing up their belongings they found the missing kid. He was dead under one of the mattresses with an H carved into his chest. They say when the H Man kills campers, he carves an H into your chest. Growing up camping here, all of us kids were terrified of the H Man. They said if you go exploring deep enough into the woods you can find his home. Well, there IS an abandoned house deep in the woods we found one time. (I was shitting my pants.) Creepy thing was, it was sooo deep in the woods but there was no roads leading to it, no paths leading to it. Just a single abandoned house. Sitting in the middle of the woods. If you go camping in Minerva NY, beware of the H Man.

11.The Whistler

We have one in Venezuela called El Silbn () typical of the wetland plains and prairies regions we call ‘Llanos.’ Description is usually of a very emaciated man dressed in cowboy’s () rags with a wide brim hat that hides his skeletal face. He roams the countryside and patches of bush at night, with drooping shoulders, downcast stare and a heavy bag full of bones and half decomposed remains slung over his back.

There are two distinctive features, however, that make him particular: he continuously whistles, a high chord progression C-D-E-F-G-A-B-C that goes higher in tune with every note – and is unnaturally tall and strong, with some accounts describing him as towering over 6 meters in height.

His origin is not clear, with some tales stating him as an accursed parricide. But whatever he is, is feared by lone travelers. Specially drunk or unfaithful men that travel through the country. Story has it that his ominous whistle is suddenly heard very loud and close, yet the source cannot be pinpointedand contrary to logic, when the sound gets lower and appears more distant it is an indication of his immediate proximity.

He will then kill by strangling or by concussion and devour the victims and throw the bones in the bag. Can be seen occasionally wading over the high walls of haciendas/fincas and honest prayer should keep him away.

12. A midget-sized creature that lives in the woods and steals children

There was a tale in Andros (Bahamas) that there used to be a midget-sized creature that lived in the woods and would steal children (as I was told). Then, recently, they found evidence of there being a midget sized creature that lived in the woods. Turns out it was a three foot tall ground dwelling owl.I heard about the child stealin’ from locals when I lived there. It’s not mentioned in the wiki.

13. A fertility god whose dick is so big he has to tie it around his waist like a belt

There’s this one Paraguayan legend about this God with a huge dick that impregnates women. Basically he just goes around with his monster dick fucking all the single women in Paraguay and gets them pregnant. His name is Kurupi. His dick is so big he has to tie it around his waist like a belt.

14. The ghosts of the snowmobilers

I used to be a Boy Scout. The creepy thing about this story was that it’s actually true. At a camp I used to go to a few years ago, one of our senior patrol leaders told most of the troop that back in the 70’s, there were these two guys who were on snowmobiles and they were riding on some of the trails. They had to go to the bathroom and they went to the small shed that had a few toilets in it. But with the amount of snow that had fallen, it collapsed and the two guys died. Their bodies where found when the snow melted in the spring and legend has it, in the winter time at the camp when nobody is their, you can see their ghosts roaming the area. I asked some of the older staff there and two guys actually did die like 40 years ago in the camps old bathroom.

15. Burning the Ouija board

The stories of Ouija boards always mess with me a little. My mother told a story of when she and her friends used one. After messing around with it mom’s friends asked playfully asks when she’s going to die. It spells out tomorrow, she starts freaking out and then without a question it’s starts spelling goodbye. My mom’s friend starts crying my mother said she was could see her hands die. She could see bone and rotting flesh slowly creeping up. They burned it that night with some holy water. Pretty religious upbringing so grandma had to get her bottle to help horrified teenage girls.


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