Mindy Kaling Has A Good Reason For Not Talking About Her Daughter’s Paternity

Mindy Kaling is vocal on social media, but when it comes to her 1-year-old daughter, the 39-year-old “Wrinkle in Time” actress has been pretty tight-lipped.

Kaling not only avoids showing her daughter Katherine’s face on social media, but she’s also kept mum about her baby’s paternity since she surprised fans by confirming her pregnancy in July 2017.

In an interview with Glamour published last week, Kaling explained why it’s so important for her to keep Katherine’s paternity to herself — even by keeping that information off her daughter’s birth certificate.

“I do feel entitled to have privacy about my daughter and my relationships,” Kaling, who is publicly single, told the magazine. “It’s really essential to my life that there be something not everybody knows about.”

Speaking to The New York Times last week, Kaling elaborated on her reasoning for keeping the father of her child private — and it makes a whole lot of sense.

“My feeling is, that until I speak to my daughter [about her paternity], I’m not going to talk to anyone else about it,” said “The Mindy Project” star.

There has been plenty of speculation as to who Katherine’s father may be. Many of Kaling’s fans have hoped it’s B.J. Novak, Kaling’s former co-star and co-writer on “The Office,” whom the actress has had a very public friendship with for 16 years.

Yet although Kaling and Novak did date in the early days of “The Office,” Kaling told “CBS Sunday Morning” earlier this month that she and Novak are now just buds.

“He’s a wonderful friend. He’s the godfather to my daughter,” she said. “I see him every week. It isn’t the thing that people sometimes think it is. He’s really part of my family now, which is great. Even though that’s less of a sexy characterization of our relationship, I think it’s a deeper and a closer one. We do spend a lot of time together and it’s a great blessing in my life.”

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